Dalian Forklift Co., Ltd. Formerly the Dalian General Forklift Works, was established in 1946, As a large-scale state-owned enterprise, the Company produced the first 5 ton forklift of china in 1958. and start the china forklift manufacturing industry, it has been granted as "forklift cradle of China"

In October 2003, Dalian Forklift Co., Ltd. changed from state owned company to private company. "To be together with the world" This heroic utterance inspire us march forward open and innovate,to realize dream of informatization construction. Three complete machine equipment line. fully - automatic coating assembly line/ Plasma Cutting/NC cutting/processing centre and some so on, they are the base of our development. High - quality personnel, continuing technical progress, computer-aided design, successful application of U9ERP software are the pillar of our development "user satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction, social satisfaction " are core values of our company in which lead to success of our company.

Company Intro

Relying on technological innovation and technological advancement, Dalian Forklift Co., Ltd is professional production base which produce 1- 45 ton general forklift, container forklift, reach stacker and so on, totally 10 major categories, more than 30 series, more than 300 kinds of different specifications. Middle and heavy forklift as our leading products. Domestic sales outlets throughout our country and we exported covered more than one hundred countries.

Dalian Forklift. The cradle of Chinese forklift, Dalian Forklift, the specialists of Chinese forklift. Looking forward to working with you to create brilliant! All member of Dalian forklift are full of lofty sentiments and aspirations, inherit the entrepreneurial spirit of forklift cradle, practice the reform and innovation, get all our efforts struggle for better, our wills unite like a fortress to realize our dream.