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Dalian forklift to fulfill the social responsibility to be the motherland peacekeepers


Over the years, The series products of Dalian forklift Co., Ltd have been the trust and confidence product for the General Logistics Department of PLA, known as the "cradle of China forklift",Dalian forklift is therefore shoulder amore social responsibility, made great contribution to the cause of the motherland's defense.

In 2012 the General Logistics Department of PLA subordinate one-time Purchased Dalian 3 tons forklift trucks 61units, 5 tons forklifts 18 units, 5 tons container forklift 7 units, 10 tons forklifts 4 units, 10 tons electric traction vehicles 18 units. At the end of January 2013.Dalian forklift delivered all these product. As this batch of goods for war reserved, for national military construction Dalian forklift played an important role once again.

In the middle of December 2012, PLA General Armament Department Engineering Bureau ordered one unit FD250F-B forklift, this forklift will used for a peacekeeping force.  After careful preparation, meticulous assembly,  Dalian Forklift offered the forklift on time, and the forklift through a series of strengthening test. After saw the test, one military officer had a high appraisal of Dalian forklift. As peacekeeping force special purchasing equipment, this forklift has been checked and accepted by PLA delegate who in charge the quality inspection, currently all the forklift has been sent to a military corps and put into use.

“Carry forward to Chinese first forklift entrepreneurship, to creat first-class enterprise, to revitalize the Chinese forklift industry, work hard, make more progress” Dalian Forklift uphold this enterprise idea, undertake the social responsibility, become Chinese mechanical industry fresh combatants, be the peacekeepers