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Dalian Forklift Co.,Ltd export 70 units of forklift to Iraq due to winning of the bid


Dalian Forklift Co., Ltd export 70 units of “rhinoceros brand” forklift to Iraq. All these forklift has passed through the inspection of Liaoning Commodity Inspection Bureau and reach the export first class commodity standard. This is our brilliant battle of this year to grab the international market.

Last August, Iraq ministry of electric power open bidding for forklift project, over 10 companies participate in bidding. Dalian Forklift with our full strength to participate and finally win the bidding with its high quality, technical performance and technical service. This bidding include 40 units of 5 ton forklift,30 units of 10 ton forklift. This is second time to honor our company with this bidding since 1999.This has pave good solid foundation for our future expanding market share in west asia. Before this bidding we send out our technical service people to Iraq for after sales service of our previous exported forklift, with this service we win the credit from our Iraq client. Recently we successfully sign another 30 units of forklift contract with Iraq. So up to now we export over 350 units to Iraq market and realize the sales revenue of 8 million USD.

In order response to China’s accession to WTO, Dalian Forklift Co., Ltd target its main market to international market and made great effort in adjustment of the product structure. Continually improve the technical content of the products and its service level to accommodate the hot competition of international. Now we are successfully open the market of  Russia, Korea, Thailand, South Africa and west Asia. Meanwhile we pay much attention to develop and satisfy the potential need of our traditional market in order to grasp more market share worldly. This become new economic growth point of our company.

From January to November we export over 200 units of forklift with sales revenue of 6 million USD, take up a quarter of total sales revenue.