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Dalian Forklift Co.,Ltd win the first prize of appearance quality of balance weight internal combustion forklift truck


In this golden fall, all Chinese celebrate 60 birthday of new China, construction machinery industry welcome the 10th Beijing international construction machinery symposium in 3 Nov.-6Nov.2009.

      It is reported that under the arrangement of BICES committee following people will be the review committee of “China construction machinery appearance quality appraisal committee” 

      Dalian Forklift Co.,Ltd produced CPCD80CB win the first prize of this internal combustion forklift competition.

Dalian Forklift Co.,Ltd was established in 1946 and the first forklift was born in 1958 in which open up China forklift produce history. This old industry base realize the removal and reconstruct in 2003 and now become modern new company with spirit of constant strive to become better.

     Dalian Forklift Co.,Ltd introduced Japan Mitsubishi internal combustion forklift truck and Japan Nissan battery forklift technique become the sole producer of forklift range from 1 ton to 45 ton including the port used container reach stacker, empty container handler and tractor etc. With combination of  Specialized technology, introduced technology and innovated technology, our products has been honored manufacture license of national specialized machinery equipment. Become famous brand of National machinery industry products. We pass through ISO 9001:2000 quality control recognition. Become the credit company of our state.AAA credit company and 500 strongest company of China machinery industry.